Beginning Obedience

For dogs that are a little too old for our puppy classes.

These classes are designed for dogs that have completed our puppy classes or the little older dog that has not had one of our classes. As with the puppy classes, the beginning obedience classes stress the relationship between you and your dog but with a bit stronger emphasis on the dog behavior. The dogs in these classes are no longer cute little puppies and it becomes even more important to teach you how to achieve the dog behavior you desire.

Emphasis is given to such behaviors as paying attention to mom or dad, not pulling on the leash, sitting in place, laying down in place, come when I call, excessive barking jumping on people and many other behaviors and problems. As with all our classes other than the conformation class, this class is great for both pure-bred and mixed-breed dogs.

Class sizes are limited to 12 dogs per class and pre-registration is required.

Upcoming Classes